Vegan Alfredo


Hello! Welcome to my new blog and to my first post. I have a few posts in the pipeline ready for you while I do some research on nutritional yeast. Hopefully I’ll get to post it soon. I’m kind of looking forward to that particular post. In the meantime, however, I’m going to get right in to today’s post.

One night last week, we had vegan alfredo. I’ve tried an alfredo recipe from Nutrition Stripped and we all love it (including my in-laws and mother), but I wanted to try something different and plus cauliflower is getting a bit pricey nowadays. We weren’t disappointed in this new recipe from Minimalist Baker in the least bit.

She advertises that the recipe takes 30 minutes. I would have to say she’s right IF everyone in your household eats the same kind of pasta. It took me a little over 30 minutes because I had two different types of pasta going (gluten-free and regular pasta). That was ok though. It still ended up being a fairly quick dish to make.

Before you start, I’d suggest getting all of your sauce ingredients ready to go. Once you start cooking the sauce you won’t be able to turn away to go get something from the fridge.

When you’re ready, go ahead and get your pasta going. Then throw your garlic in the pan and cook it for a bit. Once that garlic aroma starts to hit you in the face as it cooks, toss in your arrowroot powder or cornstarch. Whisk it but don’t worry if it looks clumpy. Add your milk of choice (I used soy milk) and then whisk like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t add all of your milk in at once though. When they say add it a little bit at a time, they mean it. You’ll eventually add all 1 3/4 cups or 2 cups of milk. I think I added just shy of 2 cups. Again, don’t worry if it’s super duper smooth. You won’t be able to get all the clumps out unless you have arms of steel. You’re going to put it in a blender anyway.


Once all of that has thickened up a bit and you’re pretty happy with the consistency, put it in the blender and add the rest of the ingredients (she tells you how to make the vegan parmesan cheese in another post). Then you’re going to add it all back to a sauce pan to heat up and thicken some more.

If you have one pot of pasta going, this is where you toss in your pasta and peas after the sauce has thickened up to your liking. I had to add the peas to my sauce first. I then added spoonfuls of the sauce to each plate.


The little one LOVES this dish! It’s a SUPER quick dish to make during the week…especially if you’ve only got 30 minutes to make supper. If you’re not vegan/vegetarian, don’t worry about the protein. This dish surprisingly packs quite a bit. You’re getting protein from the peas, nutritional yeast, and vegan parmesan (it’s from the cashews and nutritional yeast again). Of course you’ll be getting some from the pasta as well. If your family members are carnivores you can throw in some bacon or sausage.

I’ve made this dish a few times now and it always goes down well. It’s good for lunch the next day as well. Even though I LOVE the alfredo recipe from Nutrition Stripped, I’ll go for this one if I’m short on time.

One final piece of advice if you’re making this dish: SOAK ALL OF YOUR DISHES! Any dish that came in contact with the cheesy alfredo sauce should be soaked. I learned this the hard way. As soon as you’re done with one dish put it in the sink with some water because the cornstarch creates this glue-like film on everything. Trust me. Enjoy cooking!!


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