Fried Rice


This is another recipe from Minimalist Baker. Can you tell I like her stuff? I’ve made fried rice before and each time the little one turns his nose up half way through. He LOVES rice but tolerates fried rice. Go figure. Sometimes you’re not in the mood to cook anything or you only have so many ingredients in your fridge and it’s too late to run to the grocery store and come back to get supper started. Not to mention you have to decide what to make! Fried rice is one of those dishes you can throw together with whatever vegetables you have in the fridge. Got some mushrooms you forgot to use? Throw those in. Do you only have a cup or so of frozen corn left and don’t know when you’ll do another Mexican themed dish? Throw those in. Got only one green onion left? Perfect!

This recipe only requires a few vegetables but the sauce is OH SO YUMMY! The first time I made it, I let the little one taste it and he kept coming back for more! So, the next time I made it I had to double the sauce.

In this recipe, she says to bake the tofu so it’s crispy. You can choose to do this method or whatever method you use to cook tofu. Here’s how I did it:

I gently squeeze as much water out of the block as I can without squishing it. Then I slice it. Usually you can get about 8 slices.


Then I’ll take each slice and put it on a clean kitchen/tea towel, and gently but firmly press the excess water out. You don’t want to press too hard though.



Once that’s done slice your tofu into little cubes and set it aside until you’re ready to cook it.

To make your sauce follow her recipe of soy sauce (I used tamari), brown sugar, peanut butter, garlic, chili garlic sauce, and sesame oil. I made a few tweaks here. I couldn’t find chili garlic sauce sauce in ANY grocery store here, so I got the next best thing (at least in my mind):


Because this sauce has garlic in it, I didn’t add the garlic from the sauce recipe. Once you start mixing your sauce, you’re going to think “this is going to be too thick!” Don’t worry. Once you toss your cooked tofu in to marinate, the heat from the tofu will thin it out.

After the tofu is done marinating, scoop it out with a slotted spoon and return it to your pan and cook for a little bit more. Keep your sauce though! Then put your tofu aside on a plate and put your vegetables in the pan to cook with a splash of soy sauce or tamari.


As you can see, I chopped my carrot up pretty small. The little one says he likes carrots but when I actually use it in a dish, he won’t eat it. At least this way I know he’ll eat them and can’t really push it aside.

When they’re done (a.k.a. the peas aren’t frozen anymore and turn a bright green), add your rice and tofu. Mix everything up and then pour your sauce on top and mix again.


When everything has heated through and it tastes the way you want it to, go ahead and serve it to your hungry family or date or whoever you’re making dinner for. Now that I think about it, this would be good for a first date…if your date is into fried rice for a date dinner. The next time I make this, I’m going to make a little bit more than one cup of rice. You might think that there will be plenty for lunch the next day, but there won’t be that much left. It’s just that good and the little one ate his carrots!


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