Enchilada Casserole

Ah it’s back to beans for our family. With all the beans we’ve had lately, I think I’ve flushed everything from our trip out of my system. You’re probably sitting there making a face and saying “TMI!” HA! We don’t shy away from bodily functions in our family. Last night we had the Naughty & […]

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Baked Saffron Falafel

How have y’all been?! My trip back home to Augusta, GA and to my Mom’s wedding in Charleston, SC was good. I was surprised at the amount of gluten-free and free-from choices there are at the grocery stores now. I guess I’m used to the way it was 10 years ago. I was worried about […]

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Garlic Mac ‘n Cheese

Friday night we had garlic mac ‘n cheese from Minimalist Baker. I thought that since I’ve tried a lot of different versions of mac ‘n cheese, why not try another one? Besides, it sounded intriguing and I’ve never roasted garlic before. You start out by roasting garlic. Why roast the garlic? By roasting it you get […]

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General Tso’s Tofu

    Most people know this dish as General Tso’s chicken, but we vegans and vegetarians know it as General Tso’s tofu. Either way, the dish is good and it’s quick and simple. I’ve tried various versions of this dish over the last year or so and I’ve decided that this one, from Minimalist Baker […]

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TVP: The Good and Bad Pt 2

  I’ll preface this post by apologizing if it’s crap. There’s so much out there about this subject and I’ve tried my best to condense it into something kind of decent. On top of that, the stomach bug hit our house Thursday night. It only took down the little one and myself, and we’re just […]

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TVP: The Good and Bad Pt1

I mentioned a while back that I was looking into this topic for y’all. I’ve been researching it and wanted to make sure I had everything right, although I’m still not completely sure I do. It’s a HUGE topic to cover! However, I’ve teased y’all about it long enough so I should really put something up. Textured Vegetable […]

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Vegan Mac ‘n Cheese

It’s been a few days since I last posted hasn’t it? I’ve been caught up in doing research for TVP for you that I let my other posts suffer, and for that I apologize. You know how you’re looking for something and then you find something really interesting that’s sort of related to your research […]

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