Canadian School of Natural Nutrition


Apparently its been 7 months since I last posted and y’all are probably wondering “what the heck is going on?” As some of you know, I enrolled in the online program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for Natural Nutrition. I’m going to briefly talk about my experience.

The two introductory courses I decided to do were Fundamentals of Nutrition and Symptomatology. I had 6 months to complete them without incurring a penalty. You might think that’s easy, but it’s kind of difficult when you have life happen. We had family come visit during the summer, a wedding in Scotland in September, more family come to visit, and then the Holidays arrived. When our little one started preschool, that did free up a bit of time for me to get my studies done.

The introductory courses I did were all offered online. Other than the set time I had to complete the courses, everything else was done by my time. There is a forum where you can ask questions or voice any concerns and the other students will reply to help as well as your advisor. My advisor was good at responding pretty quickly. Maybe it’s old age or I’m just cranky, but I do appreciate not having a schedule of when to attend a “conference” or something like that just because I have a kid to deal with. He takes up all of my time when he’s awake. So being able to go about at my own pace and setting my own schedule was excellent for me.

There’s one book for both courses: Staying Healthy with Nutrition: The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine by Elson M. Haas, MD with Buck Levin, PhD, RD. It’s a pretty hefty book at 928 pages in total. Let me tell you, it’s chopped full of information and I know I’ll be referring to it for a while. The book comes in the mail with an introductory letter. You’ll get your other course materials/handouts online. The book is divided into four parts:

  1. The Building Blocks
  2. Foods, Diets, Nutritional Habits, and the Environment
  3. Building a Healthy Diet
  4. Nutritional Application: 32 Special Diets and Supplemental Programs

You’ll do the first two parts in the first course and then the other two in the second course.

The tests were open book and thankfully you don’t have to take the test in one sitting. For instance, I was only able to complete about an hour of one test one night and then continue taking it the next night. You can review your answers before submitting it too, which is helpful. I flagged a few questions I wasn’t sure about, and when I finished the other questions I went back to double check them. You’re able to “pause” your test and then continue at your next convenience. The one thing that was hard for me to comprehend was the open book test. For some reason I felt I had to study for it first and then take it. I was in a panic one night and the Hubs just said “It’s an open book test. Why are you studying?”

I loved taking the two courses, and I’ve decided to go full-time. I’m just waiting on the school to tell me what to do next before I proceed. I’m glad I decided to take the plunge and do this. I’m no spring chicken and I had PLENTY of doubts about going back to school again. I wasn’t sure but I knew this was something I wanted to do. I was a little bit intimidated because I thought I was done with school and it’s been quite a while. I also thought I was too old to go to school again. Sometimes I look at other holistic nutritionists or naturopath doctors and think “hmmm, they’re quite young and I’m just now starting school. Will I be able to do this? If you’re having ANY of these thoughts, shove them out of your mind RIGHT NOW! They’re poison! Don’t let any negative thoughts derail you in what you want to do.

I went to university and got a Bachelors in History with a minor in Psychology. I did absolutely nothing with my degree. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE anything history but I just didn’t make any use of it. I ended up going a completely different path that what I had charted out for myself. After getting food allergies I ended up going down this path. I don’t regret it. I have a three-year-old kid that takes up A LOT of my time. I have to juggle and fit my studies in and around him. I had to deal with visits and life happening as well. If it’s something you truly want to do, you’ll make it work. It’s hard work but you can do it. Trust me.

While I wait, I’ll be posting on here more often. I will even try to continue to post while I do my studies as well. I haven’t forgotten that this blog is my first outlet and truly do love it. I hope you all will continue to bear with me, and if you have any questions hit me up on here or email me: I’d love to hear from you!!



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