Vegan Kofta Balls with Butter Chick’n Sauce

Let’s start off with saying “yes, I know the feature image is crap.” That’s what happens when you’re taking photos while you’re cooking.

Ok, so that’s off my chest, let’s get on to the recipe. You know how sometimes you get in a rut and you’re recycling the same old recipes, and then you suddenly realize that the joy you had for cooking has totally vanished? Don’t worry. It happens to us all, and I definitely got to that point. I always went to Minimalist Baker. Don’t get me wrong! I absolutely adore her and her recipes! Even my naturopath loves her! But sometimes you want something different, right? One night I was searching for vegan recipes and I ran across this Vegan Potato Kofta Balls with Butter Chick’n Sauce recipe from Rich Bitch Cooking. Usually when I see any kind of meat mentioned in a vegan recipe there’s almost always a vegan meat used. I stay away from those because vegan meat substitutes have gluten in them. So, imagine my delight when this recipe doesn’t use any! No vegan meat AND it’s a curry? I was SUPER excited to try it. I miss having curries. I don’t trust the ingredients that are in the sauces so I don’t eat it anymore unless we can make it at home.

With an Indian-inspired dish, you know there’s going to be A LOT of spices involved. So I went ahead and dug through all of my cabinets for the spices. Ground coriander was the only thing I didn’t have. Ugh. Coriander. I didn’t want to really use it but I did. Coriander is just another word for cilantro, and I HATE cilantro. It tastes like grass to me. Anyways, I just had coriander seeds in my pantry.


Instead of running out to the store, I pulled out my coffee bean grinder. If you have one, make sure you wipe it so that whatever you’re grinding won’t have the taste of coffee. I put my coriander seeds in the grinder and had great results.

I did this while my potatoes and rice were cooking. OH! Before I continue, I started everything at around 4pm and I think it took me about 45 min to do everything.


I started my sauce first because I wasn’t sure how long it was to cook. The recipe says to use coconut milk but doesn’t specify what type. I guess it all depends on what you like really. I used light coconut milk because the full-fat one sits a bit heavy on my stomach. Pour it in a sauce pan and add all of the spices and tomato paste.


I wasn’t sure how it would taste because butter chicken sauce usually has butter in it. However, I wasn’t going to argue because someone made a recipe for a vegan version AND I know all of the ingredients that were used to make it. Not like VH (click on Nutritional Info to get the ingredients) or Patak’s. Whisk everything together and it turns a beautiful orangey color.


I started on my potatoes next. When they’re done cooking, mix all the spices in and mash everything up together.


Then the recipe says to use almost 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs. I didn’t know how much “almost 1/2 cup” meant so I threw caution to the wind and used all of the 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs. Naturally I used gluten-free.


Then you’ll shape your potato mixture into little balls and fry ’em. Well, you’ll shape your balls, roll them in a bit of breadcrumbs, and then fry them. I used an ice cream scooper to make my balls. Because I used the full 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs, my balls were a bit delicate. So I gently rolled them in the breadcrumbs and had to gently turn them in the pan. I only cooked them until they were golden brown on all sides…or at least as much as I thought I could do without them falling apart. I think I ended up with 14 balls when everything was said and done.

When your balls are done, serve them with your rice and sauce. You can sprinkle yours with a herb to make it look pretty like Rich Bitch did and maybe serve some naan bread with it too. I didn’t use an herb because I hate cilantro and I can’t have parsley, and I didn’t think about the naan bread. Sigh.


This dish was VERY good! It took 30-45 min to cook, it wasn’t labor intensive, it was vegan, and there were no mystery ingredients. The Hubs loved it so much he had seconds and took the leftovers for lunch. The only things I’ll say is that if you decide to cook this, don’t use a full 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs and add salt to the kofta balls. Maybe feel the consistency of the kofta balls before you add the full 1/2 cup of breadcrumbs and then maybe your’s won’t be as dry or crumbly as mine. Add the salt to taste before you start frying them. I found ours needed salt, but maybe that’s because I LOVE salt. If you’re not a huge salt fan, then leave it out.

If you have carnivores in your house, you can easily split the sauce and add any kind of meat they want. If you want to go a bit more complicated, you can split your potato mixture and add any type of ground meat to half of it. That way you’ll have half vegan kofta balls and half that aren’t.

I’ll end by saying this was an excellent dish and VERY easy to make on a weeknight.


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