I started this blog as way to be an outlet for me. I’m busy with a toddler during the day so this blog is like a diary (in a way), and it lets me express myself while talking about the recipes I try. My diet has evolved from being vegan to pescatarian. Even though I do incorporate fish from time-to-time, I do try to remain faithful and stick with a plant-based diet. I try to find healthy, nutritious, and delicious recipes to make for my family. Sometimes I will add meat for the Hubs and little one. I believe that my family makes a compromise when I cook plant-based dishes. So, I will make a compromise and cook what they want whether it be chicken, beef, or eggs.

I like trying out new recipes and experimenting, or the Hubs says “not reading the instructions.” Although I like cooking, I am in no way clever enough to come up with my own concoctions, so I blog about cooking with other people’s recipes instead. Some of my favorite sources for finding good vegan recipes are: One Green PlanetOh She Glows, Deliciously Ella, Nutrition Stripped, Minimalist Baker, and Pintrest. However, I am still learning and discovering a whole bunch of other good sources.

My photos are in absolutely no way professional. I take them while I’m preparing the dish and usually with the little one at my side pulling on my pant leg because he wants to see what I’m doing. So, I won’t apologize for the poor quality (because I’m not a professional) unless the photo is blurry. Also, I won’t apologize for the mess you may or may not (but most likely will) see in the background of my photos. Like I said, I’m taking the photos as I prepare the recipe. My kitchen is a lived-in and well-used kitchen.

With all of that said, I do humbly thank you for taking time to read my ramblings.



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