How Do Vegans Feel Full?

This is a recycled post as my in-laws are in town and I’ve been trying to study in the afternoons. However, I feel the content of this post is still relevant. If y’all have any suggestions or want to tell me how you feel full, please comment. I’d love to hear from you! When you […]

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TVP: The Good and Bad Pt 2

  I’ll preface this post by apologizing if it’s crap. There’s so much out there about this subject and I’ve tried my best to condense it into something kind of decent. On top of that, the stomach bug hit our house Thursday night. It only took down the little one and myself, and we’re just […]

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TVP: The Good and Bad Pt1

I mentioned a while back that I was looking into this topic for y’all. I’ve been researching it and wanted to make sure I had everything right, although I’m still not completely sure I do. It’s a HUGE topic to cover! However, I’ve teased y’all about it long enough so I should really put something up. Textured Vegetable […]

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