Vegan Taco Mac and Cheese

Who doesn’t like a good mac and cheese dish right? It’s so much better if you can make your own instead of buying the blue box kind. There’s just so many different food additives nowadays that we’re not really sure what we’re putting in our bodies.

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What Are Nightshades?

Have you heard of nightshade plants? I quickly readĀ it once somewhere andĀ remember thinking: “nightshade what?” and then quickly fell through the rabbit hole that is the internet. Nightshade plants, or vegetables for the purpose of this blog, are a big part of our diet (at least in this household). Even if you’re not a vegan […]

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Vegan Brinner

Last night we had brinner for supper. What’s brinner? Well, brinner = breakfast + dinner. See what I did there? Actually, a good friend of mine came up with that term and it’s stuck with me ever since because I love it! Who doesn’t love a good, comforting, filling breakfast? For me, it conjures up […]

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